Monday, November 28, 2005

Auto drivers beware!

I am back in town. No trip home is complete without a gory fight with the auto dude. Yesterday in Ernakulam:

Auto dude(AD): That was Rs 25.

Moi: What?

My aunt: But the meter has only 14.

AD: I told you it will be 25 and you said yes.

Moi: Well no. You said 25 and then you said that's what the meter we will show. We said let's see. Your meter now says 14.

AD: No no. Its 1.5 times the meter charge.

Moi: At 1 in the afternoon?

AD: Yes yes. I told you that already.

My mom: No, you did not. This is a rip-off.

AD: No, no. You pay me 25 now.

Moi: Why do you even have a meter then? Amma, get him 20, that's enough.

AD: You be happy that we don't rip you off like you people do in your place TamilNadu and give me Rs 25.

Moi: Oh, I see. You have just gifted Trivandrum to TamilNadu. That's interesting.

AD: Whatever. All I am telling you is that we don't rip you like you people do. Give me Rs 25 now.

Moi: Amma, no. Here, give me 15. Here. I will not give you a paisa above 15. Lets just say that I am ripping you off like I have been taught to do.

AD: You cannot do that. You give me 25 now.

Moi: Ofcourse I can. I have a reputation to maintain. How can I go back home and tell people that I did not rip off unsuspecting Mallu auto driver? Here's your 15. If you have a problem, go complain to the police. We will be in this store for the next couple of hours.


Delhi's Deviant said...

that's the way dude. stand up to the auto drivers mafia, we are the last line of defence.

Lost-n-Found said...

seriously be it any place the story is always same. God forbid if u dont know the local language or directions. And if you belong to the "fairer" sex tauba tauba :)

Sakshi said...

You go Girl......!!!

arun said...

what if you didnt have change for Rs 15?

it happened a no of times.after all the arguement,i'll say;now!i'll give you only 20 (say!) and will search the vallet to take out the minimum I can find,some 50 rs note!all arguements gone waste:((

Sundar said...

yossarian sure lives....

Ravages said...

How dare thou demean and insult my homeland's autodrivers. Valiant souls they all, and only a true blue damilan shall do the said demeaning and insulting.

I will tell thol thirumalvalavan teacher now you wait and see

டி ராஜ்/ DRaj said...

Loved this one :)