Sunday, September 17, 2006

36 hours: Chicago

The Times tells you how to spend your 36 hours in Chicago.

Some changes I would make:


1. 4 PM. After Millenium and Grant Parks, forget the mini golf. It sucks anyway. Instead, cross Lake Shore Drive and spend a good hour by the lake. On beautiful summer days, perhaps you can make friends with the sailboat owners in the harbor and con them to take you out on the boat.

2. 7 PM. Oprah? Nonsense. Instead, walk over to the Gene Siskel Film center and see what foreign/indie movies they are screening that evening. If you are lucky, you may get a seat. Oh, and haven't been to the Saltaus myself but heard its good, so try that.

3. Billiards, cognac? In Chicago? No way. Head to Buddy Guy's, or up North to B.L.U.E.S or Kingston Mines or something. You dare to come to Chicago and not go to a Blues bar?


4. 10 AM. In agreement. Orange rocks. But here's a tip - they have a branch in South Loop. The one is Lakeview is crazy crowded and people have waited for around 90 minutes to get a table.

5. Noon. NO. You absolutely have to go a little north to the Art Institute. The Museum of Contemporary Art is not worth a trip if all you have is 36 hours.

6. 5 PM. Ya ya, recommend the river cruise. A quick crash course on Chicago architecture.

7. and 8. Love Andersonville and Lincoln Square, so go for it. If you want to substitute one, choose Ukrainian Village.


9. 9 AM. Hmm..haven't spent much time in Pilsen, so instead spend time in my neighborhood - Lincoln Park. Have yummy crepes at the North African influenced Crepe and Coffee Palace, and head to the park/lake. On a day like today when the humudity is unbearable and the monsoon is behaving like an extremely spoilt child, what I wouldn't give to spend an afternoon by that lake!

10. Agreeance. Just one addition. Buy some books, and then go see the Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House right across from the Business school building of the U of Chicago. This is a must see especially if you haven't see any other Wrights. For the architecturally inclined, I would actually suggest a long long drive acorss a couple of states to Pennsylvania to see Wright's Fallingwater, but hey, that's another post.


Falstaff said...

Agree with everything but the MCA. Think the MCA is totally worth a visit, specially since you really don't need more than an hour to see the whole thing. Obviously, there's no comparing it with the Art Institute, but that doesn't mean it's not worth checking out.

Also, it is just me, or can the folks at NY Times bad at math? How is 4 pm on Friday to some time past noon on Sunday 36 hours??

Veena said...

Falstaff: When I see a wheelbarrow filled with popcorn, I see, well, a wheelbarrow filled with popcorn and I do not need to spend my hard earned money that. You, on the other hand, obviously see something quite profound when you actually see a wheelbarrow filled with popcorn(subject for a post?). On top of that, you have a hefty student discount on the entrance fee. So yes, for people like you, the MCA is totally worth seeing :)

Yeah, I thought abt that but my conclusion was that they are counting 4 PM to 4 PM and then taking out sleep time (48 - (2*6))

30in2005 said...

Not connected to the post at all but I am way behind on even getting to reading Kiran Desai's book which I so readily volunteered to review. Will I be forgiven for not doing it? Anyway, Falstaffs review is the leading one - mine would be the simpleton/ idiots version - not booker material at all!

meditativerose said...

yay crepes!

I would throw in a play at the Steppenwolf as well - catch a potential off-broadway hit one year in advance .. for half the price (or $20, if you're lucky).

Did you know the Pain and the Itch is rocking off-B'way?

Veena said...

30in2005: Considering that I haven't done any Booker reading myself (though I sort of have a valid excuse - can't find any of those books in this place!), sure, if you don't get around to it, its fine. And the Falstaff excuse is not really valid, I mean, no one ever read a Falstaffian review to find out about the book, they read it to read the review itself, not to see if the book being reviewed is worth reading :) So other reviews are def necessary!

MR: Yeah, Steppenwolf is worth it though can't see where we can fit it in. Yeah, heard abt Pain and the Itch. You watching it sometime soon?

meditativerose said...

whatcha saying ... I saw it at the Stepp .. no waiting a year for me!

Seeing the new Eve Ensler play this week ... ooh Dylan McDermott :)