Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pujo time

Landed in Bombay yesterevening. En route to Bill's place:

Mr. S: See, this is the pandal, this is all decorated so nicely.

Me: Yes, it is.

Mr. S: From tomorrow, the kitchen is open only for breakfast.

Me: What kitchen?

Mr. S: Our kitchen. Aunty will make only breakfast.

Me: Oh, thats alright. I know how to cook. (Bill @#$%^&!, just you wait...)

Mr. S: No, no, not that. We will go have food with everyone at the Pujo place.

Me: Oh, I see.

Mr. S: There will be all kind of stalls where we can go get food.

Me: That's nice.

Mr. S: We will also have cultural function every evening.

Me: Nice. What sort of cultural functions?

Mr. S: Tomorrow, there will be Bengali folk songs. Singers are coming all the way from Kolkata.

Me: Oh

Mr. S: And the day after, there's a play by an upcoming troupe from Kolkata.

Me: Hmm..

Mr. S: Don't worry, we will get the Kid(aka the bro-in-law) to translate for you.

Me: Okay (Like the Kid knows any real Bong...)

After a few minutes.

Me: What's this pandal? This looks nice.

Mr. S: Oh no, this is all local. Gujarati festival. They also have Navratri na?

Me: Yes yes.

Mr. S: Anyway, all they have is song and dance. Quite loud too.

Me: I see.

Mr. S: No cultural functions. Just some filmi people they will call and dance.

Me: Of course.

Mr. S: We will also go visit different Pujos across the city

Me: There are different Pujas?

Mr. S: Of course, every locality has their own. In Powai, this time we are having a model of the Dakshineshwar temple.

Me: How cool! (Isn't that an overkill?)

Mr. S: Artisans from Bengal have been working on it for the past few months.

Me: Nice (Of course it takes months, they work only every third day since they have to be on strike the other days)

Mr. S: As you will see, its not really religious. Thats just an excuse. Its mostly a social gathering with a lot of cultural events.

Me: Nice. (Good try)

Mr. S: We are really looking forward to having you here. You will see first hand our Bengali culture.

Me: I am looking forward to it too.

So there. Next few days in Bombay taking the Bong association of Greater Bombay by storm. Moi. Stay tuned.


Anoop said...

You are with the in-laws for Pujo without even Bill for protection?! Am eagerly awaiting the photos. :D

The Black Mamba said...

total colchor-bolchor and all. heard from Bill that you actually enjoyed the folk-singing! pleej to explain such inexplicable behaviour, before we faint.

Veena said...

Anoop: Just being lazy..will upload pictures and stuff soon.

BM: Can you please start doing some research on stuff that you were supposed to do research on like a month ago? We don't have too much time you know.

Jess said...

Oh, what about the meal? Where have you eaten if it wasn't you to cook? As for me, I adore cooking and don't like to eat somewhere else!!! Even when my husband and I were on Cyprus, we initially made up our mind to stay not in the hotel, but at Cyprus villa, where I had a little kitchen and could cook what I want!!!! Suppper!!! :)

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