Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Late Links

After all that pain abt being home for Onam, spent the last couple of days across the Ghats in Kuttralam. Don and I got lost in the forest trying to find more watefalls and Mummy dear had to come rescue us. Also, after witnessing my super cool driving up and down the Ghats, Don's promised me the keys to his car. Trip accout coming up soon. If you insist, you can go read about my last year's Peru trip here.

While I have been away, more Booker reviews have come in:

Prufrock Two reviews The Night Watch here.

Falstaff's review of Theft: A Love Story here.

Falstaff's review of The Secret River here.

PS: The man's sort of promised that he ain't going to read prose for sometime, so you still have a chance if you want to be the first to finish all the books on the longlist.

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